We are many CCIE RS candidates that have used Ruhanns RS handbook to
aid us in passing the CCIE lab. Ruhann has now released a SP handbook
as well to aid all SP candidates.

Who is Ruhann?

Ruhann du Plessis 2x CCIE #24163 (RS, SP) is an experienced engineer
that designs and works with large MPLS VPN networks, intra/inter-AS
routing, large data centers and so on.

The book was written to be used as a kind of quick reference. You
will find both theory but must important config sets that describe
how to configure the different features. Relevant show commands
and how to troubleshoot is also shown which is really good. Also links
to the DOCCD are included so that it becomes easy to find where all
features are located.

The book starts by describing a feature/protocol with some theory and
facts, often in bullet point form. On top of the page there is a
reference to the DOCCD to find the relevant feature. Then the config set
shows how to configure the feature and finally show commands and how
to troubleshoot is shown at the end of the section. There is also a
reference to relevant RFCs describing the features/protocols.

From what I’ve seen this book looks great! The RS book is a great help
in passing the RS lab and now there is an equally good book to help
in passing the SP lab as well.

I really like to use the book as a reference. It’s sometimes easier to
find the information the the handbook than going to the Cisco documentation.
The config sets are even better then what is shown in the Cisco docs.

There is a sample available of the SP handbook here.

To buy it go to Ruhanns site. It’s only 98$.

Routing-bits SP handbook now available
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