Did another TS lab yesterday. This one was a bit more challenging than the first. If I grade myself (no auto grading) I would have 6 or 7 out of 10 correct which is not too far away from the 80% passing score. I did not expect to be an expert at TS yet but this shows that I am on the right path. One thing that is annoying is that you don’t know the initial configurations and there is no solutions guide. You only get the final configurations that includes the correct configuration.

The next time I do one of these I think I will do a show run on all routers and download the config and then download final configs and do a diff to see what is different.

During these labs I have noticed that the wording is very important. Look at the following example

R10 and R11 are not seeing routes for the R21-R28 network or for the VPN “Foo” host Determine the cause and correct the issue.

When I did the lab I interpreted this as that networks behind routers R21 to R28 are not reachable. However I think that what they really mean is that the link connecting R21 to R28 (running RIP) is not reachable in the domain. Depending on how you read the task you will get a very different result and do a lot of unnecessary steps.

I like that the topology is large since that is what we can expect at the lab. The user experience with topology diagram and connecting to routers seems to be similar to the real thing if we compare to the lab exam demo.

I might try some of the configuration labs later but for now I am mainly focusing on INE material.

Another TS ASET lab done
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