If you work for a Cisco partner you have access to some perks like the PEC (Partner Education Central). What not many people know is that you also have access to labs via the PEC, if you are studying for the CCIE you want to check out the ( title=”ASET” target=”_blank”>ASET (Advanced SE Training) labs that are made for the CCIE lab v4.

Earlier you had to pass the CCIE written as a prerequisite for access to the labs but since May 1st this is no longer so. I just completed a TS lab since I am focusing on TS this week. From what I’ve heard the lab I just took is very similar to the real thing. You have 2 hours to complete it and the topology is around 30 routers big. For many people when they do the TS at the lab it’s a shock because they are not used to topologies of that size. Here you will get used to that kind of topology. The devices are running IOU but perform much better than the crap floating around on the Internet.

Unfortunately you cannot get grading any longer, you will have to grade yourself. If you want to do real mock labs you can buy them from Cisco360 program. There are currently 2 TS labs and a bunch of configuration labs.

If you are a Cisco partner I highly recommend you to check this out.

Using ASET to practice for CCIE
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