Other vendors such as Juniper and AWS have already started doing it, now it’s Cisco’s turn to offer online testing. This is especially welcome in Covid times where it’s difficult to go visit an on-premises Pearson/Vue test center. Starting April 15, Cisco will offer remote testing and this means you can take your test any time, any day, around the year. Almost all of the written tests will be offered, including the DevNet ones! The CCDE is one of the excluded tests.

What is required to take the test online? There are some prerequisites:

  • Quiet, private location 
  • Reliable device with a webcam 
  • Strong Internet connection 
  • OnVUE software 
  • Government-issued identification

Your test will be proctored by an online proctor. Before the test starts, you will need to show your room, that there are no books or notes, that you are alone in the room and that you can close the room etc. As well that you are not wearing a watch or have access to a mobile phone. You will also need to provide a valid ID before starting the test. If you break any rules, you will of course not receive a passing score. You can find more information in Susie Wee’s blog at https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/s/blogs/a0D3i000003DXKoEAO/get-cisco-certified-and-cisco-devnet-certified-today-with-new-online-testing

Note that the test is delivered via Vue’s software and you will not be able to have any other applications running. You also can’t use external monitors. To see commonly asked questions, and more around the rules of online testing, go to https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en_us/training-events/exams/online-testing-faq.pdf

Personally, I’m excited for this opportunity. Some people need to travel quite a bit to reach a test center and even if you live close by, there’s always some stress with travel, potential for traffic jams and accidents etc. While not everyone might be able to do testing from home, many will be able to. Having more options is always good. Note that the pricing is the same for the online testing. Good luck to you studying and will you perhaps take the next test online?

Cisco to Offer Online Testing
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