Happy new year to all the readers of the blog!

I’ve been lacking the time to update the blog lately which I’m sorry for. Work is keeping me busy with some interesting projects. I hope to get a bit more frequent with the updates and maybe do smaller posts than my traditional larger ones.

For 2017 I’m going to focus on a few different areas to stay sharp and broaden my skillset a bit.

Wireless – I haven’t worked much with wireless and I’m going to upskill in this area to be able to understand the wireless requirements better when designing enterprise networks.

Datacenter – There are a lot of DC projects right now. Many companies are at the end of their Catalyst 6500 lifecycle and are looking for new solutions in the datacenter. Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) is a hot topic right now. I’ll probably be working more on DC projects and ACI in 2017.

Python – In my role as a network architect I don’t really have the need to do a lot of programming but I want to keep the brain sharp and know the basics of Python. I can use it to automate boring things and to push out configurations more rapidly for large scale deployments.

Automation – I want to learn the basics of Ansible and other automation tools in 2017. I likely won’t be working on a lot of projects in this area but I want to know enough about this area to understand my customers needs.

SD-WAN – Software Defined WANs (SD-WAN) is a hot topic for enterprises right now. Enterprises are looking to save money and avoid brownouts. I will continue to work on Intelligent WAN (IWAN) projects in 2017. I hope to share some insights here.

I hope to be able to share insights and short nuggets of wisdome as I progress through 2017. See you around!

General – Happy New Year!
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