Great news everyone. Some of you might have seen that I created a petition to increase the node limit in VIRL. I know there have been discussions within Cisco about the node limit and surely our petition wasn’t the single thing that convinced the VIRL team but I know that they have seen it and I’m proud that we were able to make a difference!

On November 1st the node limit will be increased to 20 nodes for free! That’s right, you get 5 extra nodes for free. There will also be a license upgrade available that gets you to 30 nodes. I’m not sure of the pricing yet for the 30 node limit so I will get back when I get more information on that.

When the community comes together, great things happen! This post on Cisco VIRL will get updated as I get more information. Cisco VIRL will be a much more useful tool now to simulate the CCIE lab and large customer topologies. I tip my hat to the Cisco VIRL team for listening to the community.

Updated information 2015-11-14:

Everyone with a current license will automatically be upgraded to 20 nodes for free. The 30 node license costs 300$ per year as compared to 200$ for 20 nodes. Essentially the pricing is 10$ per node. With 30 nodes available, VIRL is much more suitable as a CCIE lab. Let’s hope that the BU’s keep updating the images in VIRL so that more features get updated.

Network Simulation – Cisco VIRL Increases Node Count
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2 thoughts on “Network Simulation – Cisco VIRL Increases Node Count

  • October 28, 2015 at 11:00 am

    Hi Daniel. Great news! Thanks.

  • October 28, 2015 at 12:47 pm

    Great work, thx Daniel!
    With 20/30 nodes and L2 vIOS INE CCIE lab is possible :-).


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