Want to learn more about data center networks? How do you scale a data center?
How do you deploy IPv6 in the real world? What are overlays and which protocols
can be used to create overlays?

If these kind of questions interest you then I recommend that you look into
getting a subscription from Ivan Pepelnjak at ipSpace.

Who is Ivan?

If you have been in the networking industry for a while you probably alread know of
Ivan. Here is a quick summary:

In my personal opinion Ivan is one of the most knowledgable persons of the networking 
community. He has a strong level of integrity and will tell things as he sees them not
drinking any of the vendors koolaid.

Why should I get a subscription?

The networking industry is moving at a rapid pace right now. It’s difficult to keep up
with all of the new solutions/vendors/protocols. Doing so may require to read through
drafts, RFCs, white papers and so on. By using the webinars you get to tap in to
the knowledge of Ivan which makes it easier to keep up with the industry.

If you have a certain area you are interested in you can buy a recording for that.
If you only have interest in IPv6 you can get the IPv6 webinars which will cost you
somewhere around 30$ to 50$ per recording.

Personally I have really enjoyed the data center webinars beacuse I didn’t have
much exposure to data centers so that helped me a lot to learn about those through
the webinars. The yearly subscription is $199 which is a good price in my opinion.
For more information go to

Why am I promoting Ivan?

This post may seem as an advertisement for Ivan which in one way it is. The reason
for writing it is that many of us struggle to keep up with all the changes in the
industry. SDN here, data center there, VXLANs, NVGRE, networking virtualization.
How does it all fit together?

I wouldn’t write this if I didn’t think that this is a really great resource to stay
current and for $199 you get access to both webinars and case studies. That’s a
fair deal in my opinion. So go to the webinars page and see if there is anything of interest for
you. I don’t think you will regret signing up. If you want to have a demo before signing up
I recommend that you check out the great webinar he did on NSX architecture.

IPSPACE Webinars with Ivan Pepelnjak
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One thought on “IPSPACE Webinars with Ivan Pepelnjak

  • October 27, 2013 at 11:37 pm

    I agree with that 100%…I got my subscription earlier this year, and it has helped me keep “up to date” in this fast paced industry. Not only do I find it great for all of the new stuff, but there are older videos that go in depth on other relevant topics such as DMVPN, DCI, L3VPN, etc.

    Also, coming from a Cisco only background, getting Ivan’s perspective on all other vendors keeps me updated on what the competitors solutions provide/lack.

    Another great feature about the subscription is that you get email updates whenever Ivan updates a PDF or video from a previous presentation.

    You also get access to some of the Expert’s Express case studies where he has documented a particular design and its challenges.

    It is definitely worth the $199 IMO =)


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