Hey everyone,

As most of my readers know by now I like to help people get started with their
careers and help them along with their studies. I’ve been quite active on the
Cisco Learning Network lately and also I have now started to write technical
articles to prepare students for the CCNA. These articles will be published
by Intense School which is a training company.

Most of you here might already be past CCNA level but I’ll link to my articles
anyway in case you want to read it or if you have friends studying for the CCNA.

The first one is about IP access-lists and you can find it at Intense school.

Network articles for CCNA students – First one out IP ACLs
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One thought on “Network articles for CCNA students – First one out IP ACLs

  • April 15, 2013 at 4:26 am


    It’s very kind of you to help the beginners.



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