Haven’t had much time posting lately since I have started at a new job. Seems to be a great place so far. Didn’t have much time to study either but I’m resuming my studies tonight with a double rack session. I am going to book my lab next week so it is time to step up. I will have about 6 months before my 1st attempt. This will be my strategy for studying.

Sunday: Do a complete Vol2 lab or close to it
Monday: Vol1 labs or complete Vol2
Tuesday: Vol1 labs
Wednesday: Vol1 labs
Thursday: Vol1 or Vol3/4
Sunday: Vol2

I think it’s important to do more Vol1 labs, so far I have only done the core sections in Vol1 but Vol1 does really tech you the technology. If I can keep to this scheme I will have around 20h of labs per week. That would mean I would have around 1000h going in to the lab (written+labs). We will see if that is enough.

Status update
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One thought on “Status update

  • September 13, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    I’ve gone back to Vol1 for now. The solutions guide goes real deep which I like


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