I have now done 500 hours of studying for the CCIE (written+lab). I should be somewhere halfway at my road to the CCIE.

Right now I am focusing on route redistribution, I’m struggling a bit with some of the more complex route redistribution scenarios. I have started to draw route redistribution diagrams to get better at it.

I have now studied for almost a year for the CCIE. While I would like to be ahead of where I am now, studying on your spare time is very tough. I have roughly a year before I have to do a lab attempt and that should be plenty of time. I’ll just have to take this one week at a time and make sure I learn something every week.

Remember that becoming a CCIE is a marathon and not a sprint. When I go to the lab I want to crush that thing and have the feeling that it stood no chance against me. I want to feel that passing was not luck and that I am a real expert. Reaching that kind of expertise takes time and I’ll just have to live with that. Also the CCIE is just a stepstone, the journey of becoming an expert never ends.

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