To pass the CCIE lab we need to be fast. It is important to be fast in a smart way though, we have not use for mindless speed. We need to know the protocols and in what order to do things to be as effecient as possible. Let me give you an example. When I configure etherchannels I make sure to shutdown both sides first. Then I configure what I want and then I enable the ports at nearly the same time. Why? If you enable one side first and wait too long to do the other side you can risk loops and interfaces behaving badly. You might even need to reboot your switch. So doing this will ensure you have a smooth ride and don’t waste time on troubleshooting things that you don’t need to. Check this link out at IPExpert by Anthony Sequeira that describes how he does things.

CCIE link of the day # 4 – Faster, harder, CCIE!
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